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The closure of the London Woolwich Barracks due to redevelopment required the re-siting of two large stained glass windows from the regimental chapel.
One window by the notable Arts and Crafts artist Christopher Whall depicted the attractive buildings of the Woolwich Barracks in a scene spanning the bottom of its six panels, and so had particular historical significance for the regiment in addition to being considered a national treasure.

However finding a new home for the windows proved difficult in view of the large size and particular shape of the panels (4m x 6m). We were able to propose a solution involving the construction of two large light-boxes that would enable the windows to be re-sited at the regimental HQ in Wiltshire at Larkhill in the church of St Alban, and where there were no natural window openings able to accept the panels.

The light-boxes re-created exactly the same tracery and window openings as the masonry of their original home.
After careful cleaning and conservation of the windows they were fixed in place, and they now illuminate the entire west end of the church.

These two light-boxes are probably the largest of their kind to be made to house stained glass windows and required considerable skills in the design stages and project management to achieve such a satisfactory result.

We offer expert conservation cleaning services of historic windows, using PH neutral conservation certified detergents and vacuum water collection. Windows at heights of up to 10 metres are reachable with our unobtrusive scaffolding system which can be erected and dismantled in around an hour.

The photo pictured above, taken during cleaning work at Epsom College Chapel, illustrates the difference professional cleaning can make. The Left window has been cleaned but the right has not. Notice the different levels of light passing through the windows and the vividness of their colour.

In 2010 we carried out conservation cleaning work to the famous Chagall window in Chichester Cathedral. Cleaning this artistically renowned and valuable piece required the high level of care which we apply to all conservation work.


We can supply top quality custom made wire mesh grilles that are powder coated for a weather-proof sealed finish, and fitted to the masonry with stainless steel fixings. All protective glazing is custom made and fitted by our specialist team.

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The superior grades of polycarbonate sheeting are UV resistant and are 'long life', being resistant to surface crazing and a loss of translucency.

Polycarbonate stained glass window protection does not intrude upon the legibility of the glass from the interior, and much less than wire mesh grilles or certain types of isothermal glazing schemes from the exterior. UV-stabilised long life polycarbonate with stainless steel fittings is cut to the shape of the window and fixed to allow for adequate ventilation and for maintenance work.

Only experienced specialists should supply and fit polycarbonate protection to a building.